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Please Note:
WITS Free to Air has been replaced and is going to be switched off on 31st March 2017.
The new site, WITS Data, is already available at www1.electricityinfo.co.nz.
From 31st March 2017, the new WITS Data site will move to the main address www.electricityinfo.co.nz and the old WITS Free to Air site will be switched off permanently. If you have questions or comments please send them by email to wits@nzx.com.

Welcome to WITS Free To Air - a free service providing information about New Zealand's electricity market. This site is a subset of WITS and is designed to make electricity prices, demand and hydrology information available to anyone interested in the electricity sector.

 Daily Demand Data is now available under the Demand section.

WITS Free To Air includes:

information about final prices for eleven locations around the country over the last two weeks
a chart showing demand
hydrological graphs showing hydro-electric lake levels and inflows
market  historical orders information
Media Releases that detail a weekly summary or monthly summary of electricity prices
5 Minute Prices for all nodes for the last 2 weeks
Electricity Price Index representing a seven day rolling average regional electricity price.
Scheduled Constraints showing scheduled constraint changes issued by the System Operator.

WITS Free To Air provides only a small taste of what is available to our subscribing WITS clients. If you're interested in learning more about WITS then please email us for more information.
WKM2201 $25.02
TUI1101 $25.60
STK2201 $25.64
SFD2201 $26.03
OTA2201 $27.10
ISL2201 $24.88
INV2201 $23.29
HWB2201 $23.32
HLY2201 $26.58
HAY2201 $24.75
BEN2201 $23.82
5 minute prices
Today at 07:00
Last updated at 26/02/2017 07:09:07
$ less than $70
$ between $70 and $150
$ greater than $150
data updates every 60 seconds
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