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  Around 70% of the electricity in New Zealand is sourced from hydro generation, coming from river flow systems and water stored in natural or man-made lakes. Inflows and careful lake management are crucial to New Zealand's electricity supply - graphs showing current storage and inflow situations are displayed below. The New Zealand daily storage graph will be updated on a daily basis. If you are interested in receiving this graph plus additional hydrological information on a daily basis (Monday - Friday) you should contact cadmin@nzx.com to subscribe to the daily hydrological summary, Click here to view a sample summary. The monthly cost of subscribing to this publication is $437 plus GST. The New Zealand weekly inflows chart is also updated daily.

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The country's hydro lakes have a limited storage capacity. Hydro generation is concentrated in the lower South Island catchment regions of Waitaki, Clutha and Waiau. The key lakes in the South Island are Tekapo and Pukaki, representing around 55% of total storage capacity. The remaining hydro generation is mainly in the North Island catchments of Waikato/Taupo and Waikaremoana, with Lake Taupo of particular importance.

Inflows into the hydro lakes vary dramatically depending on seasonal rainfall and snowmelt. South Island inflows commonly occur during springtime, while the major North Island inflows typically occur in winter.

For further information about hydrology or information regarding Subscription to the hydro datasets, please contact Monday to Friday managerP@nzx.com or call NZX on +64 4 498 0012.

To view the NIWA National Climate Centre's hydro-climate forecasts for the next three months click here.

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